Monday, January 4, 2010

First post

I was hoping to have a full post for today but time once again has gotten the better of me, something I need to focus on for 2010 but at least I got my workouts in. This will be a brief post but a little about me first.

The 70.3 project is my major goal for 2010 and is not a drunken or exuberant New Year's resolution but the final step in a series of goals for me. For those not from the triathlon culture a 70.3 is a half distance ironman race which consists of, as I'm Canadian, a 2km swim, 90 km bike, and a 21.1km run. Sound like fun, I think, or hope so.

For those experienced triathletes out there a 70.3 might seem like a reasonable goal and you might be asking yourself why take the time to dedicate a blog to this. Well first, I enjoy writing and this seemed like a good way to get some experience. Second, as I have never participated in a triathlon this seemed like a good way to document my experience. Third, as a self proclaimed procrastinator and overweight person approaching middle age (not that age will be a factor) I hope to inspire others, and myself, to overcome obstacles which seem out of reach because motivation and the sense of being overwhelmed loom over us like 18% climb at the end of a long bike ride.

Even though I haven't completed a triathlon before I do have some athletic experience to draw from for my challenge. In August 2009 I completed my first duathlon, it wasn't pretty but I enjoyed being involved, competitive just isn't the right word to use here, in a sporting event again. I do however have an extensive cycling background to draw some experience from and although I haven't competed in 13 years now I did competitively compete for 12 years. The fitness has long left me but I feel my experience on the bike and the training knowledge gained will be a useful ally in this endeavor. While I have some experience in the pool, I feel much more comfortable on the run as I used to run several times a week as winter cross training for cycling.

I also have a great interest in exercise physiology and coaching which is an additional motive to this project. I feel that putting the knowledge I have gained over the years to good use is a great way to apply my coaching ideas, using myself a willing test subject. I am a self confessed "data junky" when it comes to training information, the more data the better. If I could rationalize buying a power meter and blood lactate monitor I would, but I'm much more in need of a shiny new bike.

Joining my on my journey will be my wife, Melanie, who completed her first "try a tri" last summer and is looking forward (?) to sprint distance and maybe an Olympic distance tri in 2010. Melanie is truly my coaching Guinea pig, as she does not have an endurance sport background or much experience in swimming, cycling, or running (which she really does not enjoy). wish us luck.

Please fell free to comment, offer advice or criticism if you come across my little blog, all will be welcomed. I look forward to documenting my journey over the next 9 months, again wish me luck. Did I mention that I'm aiming for a sub 6 hour finish?

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